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Key Highlights


  • Lightweight - 3nethra neo is lightweight and portable. It can be transported from one clinic/hospital to another without worrying about expensive and secure transportation. 3nethra neo can be dismantled and set up in less than ten minutes, giving doctors the accessibility to reach out to more patients.

  • Affordable - Priced at a highly competitive price compared to similar devices in the market, 3nethra neo has opened up possibilities for all hospitals to own an ROP screening device without having to take a major setback in other facilities offered in the neo-natal care


3nethra NEO

  • Better field of view with a single lens - 3nethra neo provides an unparalleled field of view of 120 degree using a single lens enabling doctors to make a more informed diagnosis. The device is easily manoeuvrable and can capture images of the entire eye in a video mode which can be converted to an image mode for email.
  • Telemedicine compatible - 3nethra neo is telemedicine compatible with ForusCare. High quality, high resolution images of an infant's eye can be shared with any paediatric retina specialist in the world for consultation. The software supports sending and receiving images and diagnosis irrespective of time and location as long as there is internet connectivity.
  • Ergonomic Design - 3nethra neo is ergonomically designed to reduce the stress on the eye of the infant as well as the hands of a technician when held for a long time. It is easy to hold and so compact that it will fit in the palm of your hand and is best in class for manoeuvrability.
  • Image Montaging: 3nethra neo is supported by a high quality image editing tool that converts the film clip of the screening to frames and gives you the freedom of selecting frames (which will be stitched together to provide a panoramic view) that will help best with the diagnosis. The tool also assists in image enhancement and compression for faster and more efficient transmission.