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  • Authorised representative and exclusive distributor for FORUS Health opthalmic devices.

  • MDA and GDPMD certified - Authorised representative, import, storage, handling, distribution and documentation of medical devices.

  • Focused customer cycle to ensure true transfer of excellent services to the client.

  • A high quality, value for money service to aim to surpasss customer expectations.

  • Dedication towards offering cost-effective solutions to ensure quality patient care.


3Nethra Classic



























  • Eye-screening device

  • Single, portable, intelligent, non-invasive, non-mydriatic 

  • Rapid screening

  • Images the anterior and posterior segments of the eye

  • Indicates problems such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, AMD, dry eyes and cataract





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  • Training consultant with over 30 years of training knowledge backed by years of professional experience

  • We work with our clients not as consultants but as implementers for productivity improvement change management and business excellence

  • We work with organisations on implementation of effective KPIs and KRAs to achieve realistic and functional outcomes reflecting on increased staff morale and bottom-line







3Nethra Neo



























  • Mobility enhances wider reach

  • Compact and ergonomic design

  • Digital photo-documentation

  • High resolution images at 120-degree FOV

  • Lightweight and easy to use

  • Intelligent intuitive controls and workflow

  • Provides historical data as reference to evaluate disease progress

  • Telemedicine compatible




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Forus 3Nethra Products

Qure's qXR
















  • qXR is a chest X-ray screening tool built with deep learning.

  • Classifies chest X-rays as normal or abnormal

  • Identifies and highlights abnormal findings on the X-ray (including name, size and location).

  • Generates a description of the X-ray findings that is used to pre-fill radiology reports.

  • Screens for COPD, lung malignancies and certain cardiac disorders.

  • Also screens for classical primary pulmonary TB and also atypical manifestations of TB


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